About Me!

Hello! And thanks so much for taking the time to learn about me!

Let me start off with a bit about myself. I am a Workin’ Mom (love that show!) of two youngsters and a wifey to a hardworking man. If you are a mother, my story may be similar to yours in that kids ruin everything. Ha! Just kidding…only some things. Like your body, libido, motivation, the list goes on. I digress.

In all seriousness, my family is my world and I love them to pieces. They are crazy (especially the little one…Lord she drives me to drink some days…) and so is LIFE.

I created this blog because I want us moms/wifeys/sisters/galpals/whatev to band together and KNOW, life isn’t all about getting your “pre-baby” body back, being the perfect mother, putting on a show, or just trying to be someone that you just aren’t anymore. #realtalk

How many of you know someone who struggles with their weight? Umm…EVERYONE?? Or at least the majority of people at least thinks about it at least 100 times during their waking hours. Why? Because we live or freakin’ lives and we are human. We like to eat, drink, and be fuckin merry! (P.S. I swear…like a lot. So if that offends you, this maaaaaay not be the blog for you! #youvebeenwarned).

Who Is This Blog For???

This blog is for you to know that you are not alone. That there are ways of nutrition that don’t restrict you to the point of misery, that you can learn to do just about anything you want that is health and fitness related, and that it’s time to get YOU back! Remember her???  

This blog is for you to know that you don’t have to beat yourself up because you’ve “let yourself go”. What the hell does that even mean?? Where were you to begin with and where did you go? Oh you mean, you aren’t 20 anymore? Had kids? Don’t play sports anymore? Aren’t as active as you once were? Have a job, a mortgage, responsibilities, all of which you didn’t have 20 years ago?? Yeah. All that shit.

So. Follow this blog if you want real talk. An honest and down to earth look at the struggle we ALL face from time to time. If you’d like a safe place to chat, get some down to earth, Mother Lovin’ advice that doesn’t have an ulterior motive, let’s hoooooook up! Need some nutritional consultation, an accountability partner, a serious check-in system that can help you implement these ideas? I’m happy to help! If not, that’s all good too! I need accountability as much as you do, so reach out at any time! Let’s face it, The Mother Lovin’ Struggle is REAL 😉

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