5 Ways to Measure Progress, Without the Scale!

How many times have you gotten on the scale, expecting to see a certain number, only to see a larger number? How did it make you feel? Defeated? Depressed? Ready to throw in the towel after all your efforts and when you were feeling great?!

Why do we measure our self-worth each morning by a friggin’ number?? That’s just crazy talk…

There are so many reasons for our weight to fluctuate throughout the day, or from one day to the next, that it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the root cause. One thing is for sure though, we didn’t gain 2, 3, or sometimes 10 pounds of fat overnight! We would have had to eat over 7,000-35,000 excessive calories in one day to do that!! Wait…how many beers did I have around the pool yesterday?? 1, 3….anywho that’s not the point!

Our bodies are incredible machines, capable of unbelievable feats of healing, protection, and growth. At the same, we retain water, we have sore muscles, we eat more salt some days, we could have some inflammation, and we could have eaten a larger meal in one sitting that hasn’t fuller digested yet, ANYTHING!

I’m not saying to throw your scale out the window…although I have literally put mine in the closet in the garage. Totally serious…

I’m saying to use it simply as a TOOL and nothing more. I would suggest if you do use this tool, that you use it consistently for an average trend of body weight (not body FAT, but weight). Here are 5 other tools you can use to stop putting so much “weight” in scale! #seewhatididthere

Here are just SOME other tools!

  • Progress pictures—as painful as this can seem at times, there is little else that tells the truth than pictures, aside from maybe yoga paints and toddlers 😉 Again, take consistent pictures, in the same location, with wearing basically the same thing, and try to do it with the same lighting.
  • Measurements—now these can be tricky to do on the same part of your body each time, but again, just do your best. Maybe you can pick out a body marking (scar, freckle, etc.) that you place the measuring tape on each time. A good starting place is to include chest (right at nipple line), waist (smallest part above belly button), hips (largest part around butt cheeks and above groin), and both arms and legs at their largest part.
  • How your clothes feel/fit—we all have that “one pair of jeans” that we just won’t part with or that feel just right. Or that black dress or pair of shorts right?? Judging our comfort level in our own skin or getting ready to go somewhere can really tell us so much about or progress or lack thereof. Beware of the stretchy pant trap though… 😉
  • Performance/energy—how we fuel our bodies can greatly impact our energy level and gym sessions! Ever pile on a hefty meal of carb and fat heavy food, only to feel like you were run over by a truck soon after? That’s our blood sugar levels working overtime to compensate for what we just wrecked our system with. However, use those tools at the proper time, in conjunction with a solid protein balance and plenty of water, and watch those gainzzzz in the gym! Or see that afternoon slump session go bye-bye. Pay attention to this by tracking your food!
  • CON-FID-ENCE! You’re seeing the light. You’ve got that pep in your step, that “Haaaaaaayy girl”, or that level of go-getter that you’ve been missing. You’ve been consistent, you’ve taken your set-backs as just that, a set-back. Then you’re back at it. Keep that shit up, because tiny habits, compiled over time, lead to insane changes!

Need more? Get more!

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