Consistency Over Perfection…no more “Starting Monday”s!

How many times have we heard it or said it…”I fell off the wagon…I need to get started again… Starting Monday...”

What if we were able to take that pressure off of ourselves and just focused on CONSISTENCY, over straight-up adherence, or perfection, or whatever the hell you want to call it! That feeling that makes us feel like a failure every time we mess up?!

Well, I’m here to tell you, CONSISTENCY will get you WAAAAYYYY farther than perfection. We’ve heard it, we’ve ignored it. How’s about just TRYING to put it into practice?!

Imagine this…

It’s Sunday night. You’re all gung ho about a new workout program or nutrition plan. You’ve got your workout clothes laid out for tomorrow and you’re planning on doing an hour of hard work, first thing in the morning! Your meals are AAAAAALLLL prepped and ready to go for the week!

Now, here comes Monday morning. After a night of no sleep, whether it’s from the snoring husband, the barfing kid, the meowing cat, the pee trips, or whatever has the potential to happen overnight! You wake up and say, NOPE, not today! I’ll wait till NEXT MONDAY.

Wait…huh?? Why the hell are we waiting an entire week again?!?

As a result, the food you’ve prepped also gets wasted, because, HEY, if you missed your workout, might as well throw the entire kit and kaboodle out the damn window right?! There’s always NEXT MONDAY.

Well, that’s just…dumb.

What if–you got your shit together and did SOMETHING, this MONDAY, or today, or right now?! Instead of an hour, you did 25 minutes where you could? What if you ate at least 1 thing you prepped? Wouldn’t that be a hell of a lot better than doing NOTHING, and EATING WHATEVER?

The All or Nothing Mindset

This “ALL OR NOTHING” crap…That’s where COMFORT lives! If we aren’t perfect and didn’t do what we planned, then we have to WAIT for those perfect circumstances when we can be PERFECT. In our minds, that’s the only option and the only way we can meet our goals. BUT THE PERFECT CIRCUMSTANCES NEVER HAPPEN.

So it becomes this vicious cycle of hurry up and wait. Plan it out, then take ZERO action. REPEAT.

Therefore, we have to do what we can, WHEN we can. We DON’T have to be perfect, we don’t have to do everything 100% right for it to make an impact. Just Start.

This perfection mentality can really come from the pressure we put on ourselves on-the-daily. Being a mother, wife, student, etc. makes us feel like we have to strive to be our best. Shouldn’t we apply this to also DOING our best with what we have? Whether that’s time, resources, or just plain sanity?!?

So how do we shift our mindset in that direction?

5 Simple Steps to Focus on Consistency over Perfection

  1. Look ahead on your schedule–if your original workout plan didn’t work, then where can you fit in SOMETHING? If you know you’re going to be running to 6 different practices tonight, what foods can you take with you and are those foods ready to go? Nothing says drivethrough faster than a hungry belly and no snacks. #nobueno
  2. Don’t wait until Monday, or the next day, or the next whatever. Start, change, regroup NOW. Why wait? That just doesn’t make sense. Again, you’re waiting for the circumstances to be perfect, and that’s just never going to happen!
  3. Plan for what you enjoy–hate running? Don’t plan to run 3 miles on Monday morning, when you know you don’t want to. Hate veggies? Soooooo a plan that adds veggies to every meal probably isn’t one you’re gonna wanna stick to, eh?
  4. Challenge yourself, but not too much–be sure not to go so big, so fast, that you’re completely overwhelmed and defeated before you even start, which leads to failure.
  5. Give youself some EFFING GRACE. You don’t have to be the end-all-be-all-mother-wife-student-of-the-year. There is so much more to you, than being a wife, mother, or student. Strive for those PERSONAL goals that you want to achieve. Feel good about yourself and do things for YOU. This is one of those things that takes time.

No matter where you are in your journey, you can adopt these strategies. Taking the pressure off and just DOING is a total game-changer. Not feeling like you have to take on the world, remember every effin’ birthday, anniversary, fundraiser, whatever…is OK. Learn to say no. Don’t help. Take time for yourself. I don’t care if it’s five minutes. In the shower. With a BEER. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Where Do I Start?!

Welp, it doesn’t really matter now, does it? Just start. Start with what you ENJOY.

Maybe that means walking on a sunny day and eating your favorite, flavorful meal. Then take each thing a step further.

Maybe you add a little weight training after your walk, and make sure you add a delicious and tasty protein option to that meal! Here’s a step further…

Maybe you’re also adding jogging on the flat sections of that walk, and a fist-sized portion of your favorite roasted veggie to that meal! Hello, air-fried Brussel sprouts 😉

The most important thing is that you get started. Need more support? Check out The Mother Lovin’ Struggle’s Nutrition and Accountability program! This program is a great building block to take the guesswork out of getting started, and staying there.

Need a workout program? We’ve got you covered there too! Check out The 8 Week Mother Lover for a kick-ass program that you can tailor to your fitness level and equipment! This program comes free with the Nutrition and Accountability program or can be purchased as a stand-alone program. Also, check out 100 Days of Workouts on The Mother Lovin’ Struggle!

Now get out there and stop waiting for the next perfect Monday! You’ve got this 😉 And remember, #thestruggleisreal

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