Nutritional Coaching

Listen…I get it.

This whole “healthy eating” can be just plain overwhelming. So overwhelming at times, it can make someone say, “To hell with this” and just give up!

That’s where I come in! I’m no expert (few people are!), but I’m on my own journey and want to help other women on theirs!

I’m a down to earth, no bullshit, shoot it straight type of gal and I’m here to let you know that you are NOT a failure because of where you are right now!

I am currently certified with a Level 1 Nutrition Certification through Precision Nutrition, and have learned so much through this! Not only about my own habits, but how to help others get started. I’ve also been coached myself, so that I know how to best support others–remember, I’m right here with you!

SO—let’s get to the friggin’ point…

There are several things that I offer in order to get you started right, and I think you’ll find there is something for everyone, at every stage of the game!

  1. FREEmacronutrient breakdown based on your goals and preferences! What does this include?
    • A plan to meet your daily goals, with specified protein, fat, and carbohydrate portions for the day.
    • What’s your eating style? Vegetarian? Keto? Anything goes? I’ve got you covered.
    • Want more carbs than fat? Or looking for a lower-carb plan? You got it.
    • We will also include how often you’d like to eat, activity level (work and intentional workouts), and a food list to get you on the right track!
  2. $25 Q&A Session—say you put the above into action for a few weeks, and you are running into questions or are having some confusion. How about a 30-minute Zoom call, whenever you’d like, to talk about whatever you’d like.
    • No pressure to have an agenda, we can wing it as we go!
    • We can even make some homework for next time (if needed, and if you want a “next time”), in order to set you up for the utmost success!
    • Start/stop at any time, no explanation necessary! I won’t take it personally if you don’t come back 😉
  3. The Mother Lovin’ Plan–all of the above, for more intensity, accountability, and direction.
    • Weekly check-ins–tell me how you did this week!
    • Weekly 30-minute Zoom Call to talk about it all! No pressure, no stress, no embarrassment…
    • Unlimited emails and texts so you don’t have to wait for our weekly call if you need something now!
    • Workout plan included! This is not required, but encouraged for sure…Please note, I am NOT a personal trainer, these are only suggestions that we will develop together!
    • $100 per month, with a 3-month commitment. Why the commitment? Because I want you to take this seriously if you want to make a change, which can’t be accurately determined in less time. Then the plan is $50 per month, with another 3-month commitment thereafter, as long as you feel you are benefiting from it!
    • Refer a Friend! Know someone who also needs this level? Refer a friend who also purchases at least the initial 3-month commitment, and you get 1 month free! No Limitations!! I’ll track your referrals for you, so you and your accountability partner(s) can join this Mother Lovin’ Struggle together!